The well-kept, white sand beach of The Hague is 3 km long and runs from the viewpoint to Scheveningen. The boulevards offer a cosy place to stroll with numerous attractions, fun eateries and shops, festivals, cultural events, markets and concerts. Striking landmarks are the art work celestial vault in the View Dune, the monument the fishermen's wife at the height of the street shopping area and the sympathetic sculptures of fairytale statues by the sea. Most notable is the gigantic herring eater that has become the icon of the new Scheveningen Boulevard.
On the kilometers long boulevard of Scheveningen there are plenty of nice restaurants and beach bars with a nice view of the sea and the famous Pier of Scheveningen. The beach tents are open from March to early October. Some beach pavilions are open all year round.
On the beach and through the dunes you can enjoy a lovely walk. The dunes are also particularly suitable for long cycling trips. Other sports like kite surfing can also be enjoyed on the beach of The Hague. In the immediate vicinity of the beach you can do everything for young and old all year round. The seafront promenade is surrounded by attractions such as the Pier, Marine Aquarium Sea Life, shopping center Palace Promenade, Holland Casino, Pathé Cinema and the Circus Theatre.
The beaches of the Hague are easily accessible by public transport and by bike only 15 minutes away from B&B Valkenbosplein.