In The dunes of The Hague, where land and sea touch each other, you find a special work of art. The American artist James Turrell has made a protected bowl to look at the sky in a special way. The ' celestial Vault ' is shaped as an ellipse and is thirty metres wide and forty metres long. The surrounding five-metre-high dune is sown with grass. Through a concrete passage, the visitor enters the artificial crater. In the middle there is a monumental bank of natural stone on which two people can sit. In the Duinkom, the light seems to bend over and the sky forms a vault, where you can look endlessly. On a higher dune stands the same bank where a panorama unfolds over the sea, the beach and the flat country beyond. This particular landschapskunst is based on the actual light that creates experiences of the individual viewer that transcend the purely sensory. This makes the Dutch light visible by Turrell in a special way and it gets an emotional and spiritual impact. From the dune you have a fantastic panoramic view. From B&B Valkenbosplein You can easily get there, by bike, by car or even walking. Go see that and experience it especially!
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